General Election - 2019

Some of the highlights of the Bassetlaw Conservatives general election campaign which saw the election of Brendan Clarke-Smith as the first Conservative Party candidate elected as Member of Parliament for Bassetlaw since 1924.

Conservatives win Bassetlaw with 14,000 Majority

Conservative Brendan Clarke-Smith has sensationally won the Bassetlaw constituency in the 2019 general election on 12th December.  The result:

Brendan Clarke-Smith CONSERVATIVE   28, 078 (55.2%)

Keir Morrison LABOUR                            14, 065 (27.7%)

Boris Johnson’s speech outside Downing Street

Boris Johnson delivered his first speech outside No. 10 Downing Street since the General Election. He told the UK how he would form a people’s Government, deliver Brexit, and unleash Britain’s potential. Here’s what he said.