Local Candidate Selections

Selecting Prospective Candidates

This week Bassetlaw Conservatives have been interviewing prospective candidates to contest the Bassetlaw District Council elections in May. This is the third round of interviews. The Conservative Party has the largest and most diverse team it has ever fielded in these important elections.

The choice for local residents is a tired Labour administration that has run out of steam or a new, vibrant Conservative team that offers fresh ideas and common sense solutions.

Get Involved

Would you like to be a Campaign Volunteer? We always welcome support and you can do as much or as little as you feel able. Whether it be part of a delivery team in your local area delivering a street or two of leaflets, helping stuff envelopes or other tasks in our office, or being involved in telephone or door-to-door canvassing; we would be delighted to hear from you by post, by phone or by e-mail. Contact Us