Local polling suggests Conervatives on course to win Bassetlaw

Early polling by Conservatives shows the Conservatives ahead and o n course to win the seat in the December general election poll.

Over the weekend the Conservatives are polling 33%, Labour are on 27%, Brexit Party are on 11% with the Liberal Democrats on 9%.  20% of the people whom we talked to over the weekend said they were yet to decide who they were going to vote for.

Conservative Association Chairman Drew Smith said "We are optimistic but certainly not complacent. We need to speak to as many people as we can over the next few weeks.  The poll does go to show that the days of Bassetlaw being a safe Labour heartland are well and truly gone.

There is a similar story in northern Labour seats across the UK, with Conservative canvassers reporting a surge in the Conservative vote whilst the Labour vote is collapsing.

"We have the best opportunity of turning Bassetlaw blue than in any other election in decades" said Drew